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And as the clock tolls...

The spirits rise by summon

Writer's Block: 9/11
Where were you?

I was in class. Yup, it would be maybe 3rd grade for me? Maybe 4th grade.

It did not impact me much (if at all) because it seemed very much like a movie when I heard and saw it on TV.

Yay Hina bla bla drama!
No no no drama is never good. If anything I was very much surprised when I saw this.
But it's HinaUchi. The person who tried to sell a copyright character BOLT Fursuit. The person who still needs to improve more on her building before she should take commissions, the pathological liar who faked:
having cancer
Being a victim...
I mean her.

Someone finally busted HinaUchi for the Scams, Drama, and lies she's been telling. And in a very organized and concise way.

Now if only they could get her Banned for good. >.> But I guess I'm just being cynical and a little over the top. But I feel right to be so right now.

Oh and on a better note. I'm trying to help a friend wing this online contest. The money she could will will be used to help get her Father a new liver. Please please anyone; registering is free and if you could vote here: http://kingofweb.com/users/2342736632 10 times a day she could win.
At least help us beat HinaUchi (who is also in that competition) X).
If you could vote and even let others know I'd greatly appreciate it.

Writer's Block: Born again
If you were reincarnated as an animal, which would you choose to be in your next life, and why?

I'd be an owl or a gecko. :)

They're doing it for the Pandas...

Researches don panda costumes in order to help baby panda cubs.

It just caught my eye and I felt it was...interesting. I guess I follow why they did it though.

Valentines day has passed.
Hurray! XD
It's just not a really interestin holiday in my opinion.
I'm fine if others like it, it's just not a favorite of mine.

on to other things. I haven't gotten a reply back from a person who I was to buy my partial from. I hope everythings okay. I'm just assuming they're busy at the moment or have more important things to do. Ya know?
My Mom won't let me purchase it until i get a reply and no matter how much I told her it's going to be fine and all that she wants to see it anyways.
Stuff about being scamed.
...How can I get scammed if I'm just paying for shipping!?
What I'm just going to get the box? XD
Darn, I should've seen that comming. X')

But really, it's my money I'm using and so she shouldn't worry.
So, all I need is a reply from the builder about what I sent and everything.

New years!
Time to start fresh. Make new friends get productive and be an all around better person!


Beware. Many posts are friends only :D.

Ok then.
No replies, so I'm just going to post and hope I don't confuse people.
I'll have to browse around a little while I'm at it. Check out what other communities fit my interest.

Chatted with locket a little bit ago and she's been busy with writing up her stories.

I guess that's it for today. It's Sunday and school will be keeping me busy for the week.
Oh, and I learned I do get sent e-mails when things come up here, so that's good.

EDIT: My god my journal looks ugly! And mt Moods too. I'll fix that x.x

EDIT2. Fix'd.

So, next day.
So far no mail from people I messaged. Maybe I'm not 'allowed' to give messages yet until I've spent a certain amount of time on here.

I guess it'll have to wait then.

I got a message form Locket telling me not to watch her. XD I did anyways, cause gosh she's just being silly.
Uh, nothing else to say here. I'll check in once I get a reply from those messages I sent. I'm sure they go to e-mail but I'll check here again just in case.

New new new

New here and little to do.
I will probably be on here just to check in for messages people send me via ...messages.

So I'm sorry if I NEVER type anything here.